The New York Bandura Ensemble, Ukrainian Wave,
a Community Cultural Initiative of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, and the Ukrainian Museum present

Soldiers' Songs

Soldiers' Songs

with Julian Kytasty and Friends:

Oleg Dubson (voice), Ilya Temkin (lira), Roman Turovsky (lute), Valery Zhmud (violin)

Hohenfriedberger Marsch (JK, RT, VZ)
Vyno Vyno Chervenen'ke (RT)
Ked' My Pryshla Karta (JK, RT) :: VIDEO
A v Poli Bereza (JK, RT) ::

V Berdychevi, Slavnim Misti (JK, VZ)
Oj, Hirka Kalyna (JK)
The Burlaky Variations (RT, OD)
Po Misti Lemberku (JK, VZ)

Pry Kanoni Stojav (a capella)
Chorna Rillja (JK, IT)
Teren-Pole (JK, RT) :: VIDEO
Oj na Horci Snizhok Truse (a capella)
V Slavnim Misti Zalishchykax (JK, VZ)

Hohenfriedberger Marsch reprise (JK, RT, VZ)
The Three Grains of Sand (JK)

This special Armistice Day concert, linked to the Museums photographic exhibit The Ukrainian Insurgent Army, is dedicated to the young Ukrainians who fought on the Eastern Front of the Great War (1914-1918), conscripted into the armies of the Tsar and the Austro-Hungarian Emperor. Their songs tell the eternal story of the soldier: marching songs, the girl left behind, barrack room bravado and the stark reality of the front lines.

Friday November 9, 2007 at 7:00 PM
The Ukrainian Museum
222 East 6th St, New York, NY (between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

$15 (member/student/senior discounts available)
Reception to follow
Call (212) 228-0110 for reservations, (212) 995-2640
or (212) 571-1555 ext. 35 for additional information